Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Assembly Coffee

Be frank, I was quite disappointed with my visit here. Not to the coffee but for the food that they offering.  They have very limited choice but that shouldn't be a problem.

The cafe's kitchen is small and it doesn't have much space. Not much fancy design but still nice place to have a meetup with a group of people, not too big. There is a long high table and chairs which we felt the high is not right. Either the table to low or the chair too high, not very comfortable sitting there. So we changed our seat.

We ordered something from the menu and got a cake on the shelves. The pastries did not looks good to me as some of the items seemed to us like it had been displayed for long. You can see that from the cake easily. We chose the one that looked fresh. However,  first bite we were disappointed. We felt these pastries somehow should be coming from some commercial suppliers. We got it right.  Everything displayed on the shelves are not made in house. We are not sure whether all from the same place but both that we tried are not really good.

Cortado($4) - ratio of milk and coffee is 1:1. I made the right choice, this is what I like. So no complain with coffee.

Earl Grey Caramel Waffles($11.5) - rated one of the best 5 waffles in Singapore in Year 2013. I guess everyone has its own preference. May be the day I went the waffles did not present well. It tasted average and totally no earl grey smell at all.

Banana Muffin($6.5) - Only top layer is nice, not much banana smell and the muffin actually bad according to my friend. She said I made better than this. Thanks for her compliment. I definitely had a better banana muffin at other cafe.

Quiche of the Day($9) - it is an ham and spinach quiche. For its price, I feel the quiche is too mini. Taste average.

Cappuccino($4.5) - my friends said it is good for them

Assembly Coffee
Address: 26 evans lodge singapore 259367
Tel: +65 6735 5647

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