Thursday, July 3, 2014

Duke Bakery 面包公爵

I went there to meet a friend for dinnner and atrracted by the large poster on the Duke Bakery. I tried to check up this bakery.  It was late at 9pm and I thought they have sold out all the items as I found the side tray nothing left. However,  I still went in to check out.

Great that I went in, the breads are all placed in the center.  They gave you free sampling for all their bread. One round of tasting I was full, the bread is so tasty to me. I like most of the flavour, but I had to say the price is quite high. The cheapest I saw is $6. The bread looks quite healthy and not oily

My friend recommended me the charcoal chocolate cream cheese($8) but I like raisin more so I got the Raisin with Cream cheese ($6.6). Once a while for this expensive treat,  I told myself.  Imagine I normally get a bread for $2 only. Lol

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