Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Yuen Long Hong Kong Pastry and Bun

I spotted this pastry shop when I went to Ang Mo Kio. It seems rather new to me but I did checked online and found it has quite a number of branch somewhere else. Yuen Long is a district in Hong Kong, 1st glance I am thinking is this Hang Heung - the one famous with its wife cake? I was a bit disappointed when I found it is not. However, I did try their pastries as it looks good.

I greedily bought the honey-roasted char siew pastry($1.2), wife cake($1.2) and golden salted egg yolk bun($1.3). I personally like all the choice that I chosen, the only thing was I actually ate it the next day. I think it will taste better if you eat it while warm.

Yuen Long Hong Kong Pastry and Bun
Address: Ang Mo Kio HDB street, near the 24 hours fair price

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