Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sibu Night Market

The Pasar Malam (Night Market) is situated in the town centre. Local traders will usually set up their mobile stalls at around 7 pm-11 pm. Items on display are general Malay and Chinese delicacies, clothing, daily necessities, handicrafts and others. 

The vibrant Night Market sets up every afternoon around 5pm and operates until 10pm or sometimes later. The stalls offer all manners of household goods, footwear, fashion items, and all varieties of food.

You may find all sort of the traditional foochow cuisines and Malay cuisines at this market, some stall selling the same items and if you ask me which one is the best. I can only said that depends to individual preference, or you may use the standard way to judge - where the stall is crowded means it is famous?

This stall selling all the fried stuff, we got the fried sandwiches(RM1 per pieces), fried foochow pastry(RM1.50) and fried banana(RM2 for 3). The best is to eat while hot as it will turn soggy when it cool and that affected the taste. I like the fried foochow pastry and banana.

Crispy pancake(RM0.5 per piece) - it used to be RM1 for 5, that was many years ago. I still love this snack, whenever I come to pasar malam, I will sure get it.

Fried Potatoes(RM2) - very commonly see it everywhere, tasted quite good with mayo and chili sauce. My mum said the one with cheese tasted better.

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