Monday, June 16, 2014

New Sungei Merah Bread House 新珠安面包西果屋

One of my favourite bakery shop because of its snail coconut bread.  That is still the best that I had in Sibu among most of the bakery I tried. It is so good that whenever I back home,  I will try to get it. This time I tried the butter and red bean bread too. I like the butter bread,  tasted quite special. Red bean tasted like usual. My 1st choice here always the coconut bread, only if this is not available I will go for other.

There are 2 types of coconut bread, one is the long shape which is packed as 10 long stick for RM3, another is the snail shape which is packed as 6 for RM6. I understand from the old aunty (think she is the owner) that the 2 different coconut breads use slightly different ingredients. However, I cannot taste much difference.

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