Wednesday, June 25, 2014


A very very famous fast food chain in Philippines,  their national fast food. When it opened in Singapore, the queue was really crazy, 1 to 2 hours queue or even longer. Not much local, mostly Filipino who stayed here. The fast food bring back their memory and love I guess.

What I heard from my colleague was the chicken is really good. I had mine once afternoon. Got its very basic fried chicken with rice. Same as KFC in Malaysia,  the fried chicken set in Jollibee definitely come with rice.

How is the fried chicken?  I personally dun like it because of the oiliness.  The marinated taste is good but too oily for me. Next, I somehow felt the fast food is using frozen chicken, therefore it had a very strong frozen chicken taste. I am not sure why I can feel it recently but that made my appetite gone while I smelled it. I do find certain fried chicken fast food have this issue. I did not try others,  the burger lookd good from picture.

Address: 6/F Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road, Singapore

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