Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Civic Center Market 民众会堂菜市场

Sibu traditional market since young, the building still the same with slightly renovation. My something but to secondary schools just located nearby so I was here for very long time. Time flies and thing moved forward,  old memories still fly. It has been quite sometime I do not back to this area after my secondary so glad that I back again after sometime.

I was here partly because of I saw the market served really nice mamak noodles(辣子面 RM3.8). The stall is located at the left most side. It is fried with chili and a bit spicy, that is how the name from. I lioe this, have wok hee which made it smelled really good. Even now in Sibu, not much zhi char has such standard.

The sea coconut with sea bird nest(RM3.5) tasted quite nice if you feel you wanna to have something to cool down on hot weather, quite refreshing dessert. You can get it at the drink stall.

Civic Center Market 民众会堂菜市场
Address: Jalan Suarah, Opposite SMB Tung Hua, near Dewan Suarah Sibu

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