Tuesday, April 22, 2014

King Omar Restaurant

This is a prata place that I found when I dine at this area. Sometime I will have prata craving and that day was the same so I thought of this restaurant.

I had Prata bom ($2) and my friend had egg prata ($2), we then shared the Mee Hun Goreng(Fried Mee Hun $3). Drink as usual we got Teh Tarik ($1). Total damange is $9, however the price individually I was not quite remember.

Prata bom that I had in Malaysia is prata fried crispy with sugar coasting,  the prata is filled with butter and kaya and tasted really nice. It will served with curry sauce. The one I had at King Omar shaped different but taste similar.  They added condensed milk to the filling so that is really sweet. I was quite curious why it did not serve with curry, so I requested for that. Only when I ate till middle I found all the sweetness there.
Egg Prata tasted average. The curry is nice, I like it. The fried bee hun is average too. Teh tarik quite disappointing but still not too bad.

Although this is Indian rrestaurant but it sells thai food too. It gives you more selection. 

King Omar Restaurant
Address: 95 LORONG 4 TOA PAYOH #01-48 Singapore 310095

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