Monday, August 5, 2013

Watami Bishan

I was wondering should I create another post for more food or just combined with the previous post. I took the later option as I felt one page to view everything is better.

Wafu Pizza($11.3++) - thin crusted pizza topped with pork and teriyaki chicken, this was nice but it was a bit burn for the one that served to us. I would said this was over-cooked, supposedly the think crust should be very nice.

We got Special Set(for 2) $69++ from the special menu, although it says for 2 but if you are not a big eater, that is really huge portion, 3 of us sharing this special set and it is just nice for us. It includes Sashimi Moriawase 3 Pin, Watami Tonkutse Katsu Curry, tempura, fried mini shrimp etc. I got the half price Marusaki Imo Pudding with the set ordered, that is actually purple sweet potatoes pudding but it doesn't taste really good.

I had quite sometime never been to Watami, it is one of my favourite Japanese restaurant because of the varieties and also the food here generally quite good. When I reached there, I did not see a long queue so I thought I was lucky but I noticed that they actually have the queue system. There is 3 options for you to choose, mine is 2 person so it is Option A. A waiting no will be generated for you.

Kankoku Butechige($16.80++) - display not the same as the picture on menu but the taste is good. It comes with vegetables and meat and noodles, good to share for 2.

Watami Salad(half) $6.80++ - I love the salad because of the combination. The most important is the sesame sauce. Great that they have half portion so I can try out more stuff.

Ebi, Avocado, Cream Cheese Namayuba Maki($6.80++) - this is very similar to the salad except it is wrapped and contains cream cheese. It come with sesame sauce. For sure is good.

Matha Tiramisu($4.80++) - I like it, tasted good but a bit too soft. Everything with tiramisu and matcha I all love it.

Special dish offered during the Kyushu fair. The Tonkatsu($17.9++) tasted quite nice and my mum said there wasn't any pork smell.

Address: Junction 8 Shopping Centre, 9 Bishan Place #01-33, Bishan, 579837
Tel: 6258 3577

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