Monday, August 5, 2013

Probolinggo Feast

I went for a short trip to Surabaya for the Mount Bromo trip and we stayed at Probolinggo, a city at East Java, 2 hours journey(if no jam) from Surabaya City. I stayed at net friend's place where his mum has a small warung(cafe) and he asked if we mind if his mum prepared the meals for us. We were fine for that as we still need to have meal but we requested to try the authentic cuisines. We paid USD10 per pax for 5 meals below.

Day 1 - Dinner

We arrived late at night and the dinner was ready for us. My friend's grandma made the traditional kuih for us, something that made using corn and wrapped with the corn's skin. It tasted good.

We had local cooked dishes as shown below for our dinner. I couldn't remember what are the name of all the dishes below. It had nice and average combination. 1st picture show the mixed vegetables, 2nd is the toufu with some skins, 3rd is stir fried mushrooms, 4th is corn + prawn cake, 5th is fried fishes, 6th is fried noodles and last is the after meal's dessert.

Day 2 - Breakfast

Very simple packed breakfast, one glance you can see everything. We did not had it for breakfast as too early at 4am. I think as snack after climb from Bromo.

Day 2 - Lunch(Nasi Tumpang)

Nasi Tumpang, a kind of traditional dishes where local people only prepare if there is any celebration like birthday etc. It is like our mixed rice version but presented nicely. You will see a yellow pyramid rice in the center and surrounded by the nice dishes. You have fried chicken, egg, toufu, indonesia vegetables salad served in banana leaf. My friend told me all these means the nature stuff we have, like sea, land etc. For the traditional, the pyramid rice, the top part has to be given to the oldest people while dining, so that reserved to my friend's grandma. Oh ya, before the we started our meal, we need to pray to thanks for the food.

Day 2 - Dinner
I forget to take anything on the dinner. It is again the mixed rice version.

Day 3 - Breakfast( Nasi Pecel)

Rice for breakfast indeed quite heavy for us, Malaysia have nasi lemak, one of the Indonesia breakfast is Nasi Pecel. It is a Javanese rice dish served with pecel (cooked vegetables and peanut sauce). We had fried bean, toufu, kang kong and bean sprouts. In addition, we had fried chicken added. This looked like a lunch meal for me.

Pecel sauce, the peanut paste, you will add water and chili to it, so it become liquid like satay sauce.

Indonesia style coffee, unlike what we have in Malaysia and Singapore, there is no filter for the coffee powder, they directly added water to it, therefore you can see the powder floating, Taste good but too sweet for me.

Some local kuih that my friend prepared for us for our break on bus journey to Surabaya. I like some of them and some I cannot get use to the taste. Good try!

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