Monday, August 12, 2013

Grand Sugar Taiwanese Fried Chicken

We did shopping at Star Megamall and my sister like the food street area because there are lot of snacks that she loves. This was our last stop of the day, the famous fried chicken. The idea is from Taiwan but I am not sure if this is the branch of any Taiwan famous XXL fried chicken. The logo and colour quite similar to one of the famous fried chicken at ShinLin night market.

We bought the new item, fried chicken with crispy noodles. It costed us RM8. If you have normal fried chicken,  it is RM6.90. The chicken tasted quite good,  crispy outside and soft inside. You can choose any of the few powder to add to the fried chicken, for eg original,  cheese, spicy, plum etc. We chose cheese.

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