Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mitsu Shabu Shabu Restaurant 快可利涮涮锅

Taiwanese eatery place that is long opened in Sibu and it is famous for its dumplings and steamboat. Along the years, I heard that the standard has dropped. We seldom dine there especially there are so many cafe around in Sibu, but if we have steamboat at home, we normally will go and pack some of their dumplings back. Food here overall average, there is one Fried Noodles with Kway Teow  as shown in the end picture below tasted quite nice. 

Beef Steamboat Set with Add-on - The best part of its steamboat is the sauce that used to dip the cooked food is very delicious. I hope that doesn't drop its standard.

Fried Noodles with Kway Teow 沙茶炒面 - I quite like the taste, it seems used some special sauce.

Mitsu Shabu Shabu Restaurant 快可利涮涮锅
Address 地址: 2A Sibu Foochow Street 詩巫福州街2號A(opposite to Premier Department Store)
Tel: 084-339466

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