Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Zen Japanese Fusion Dining

My sister love sushi a lot so she suggested to this Japanese Dining place opened by Cafe Cafe's owners. I am sorry for the quality of the picture below. If you ask me is it expensive, I would say the price is almost the same as what you will have in KL, but I guess Japanese dining are all quite similar. They do sell a lot of Japanese Sake and the interior design of the restaurant are not too bad. As we are here for sushi, so most of our dishes were SUSHI!!

Sushi all tasted quite good but definitely not the best I had. I haven tried other Japanese restaurant in Sibu so cannot compare either. The tempura is good too but please dun order the salmon skin. I dun like the salmon skin as it always has fishy taste but I did had very good salmon skin which dun have such smell at all. The salmon skin here below the standard.

You have to be here early as it is quite crowded during the dinner time, you might need to wait for 30 mins sometimes.

Zen Japanese Fusion Dining
Address: No:16, Chew Geok Lin Road, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak
Tel: +60128838108, +60128091238

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