Monday, June 17, 2013

G7 Sinma Live Seafood新马活海鲜餐馆

I had been here many many years ago and this is the 2nd time I tried this as my friend was visited Singapore and her hubby's friend brought us here for the frog porridge(田鸡粥). I was here last time for its crab hence, I did not know it is famous for its frog porridge.

I can eat the frog but if I have a choice, I will prefer not to have it as I don't really like the texture although most people commented how good is it. It suppose to be better than chicken meat. So I tried other dishes more. The food here generally tasted quite good but pricey too. I remember the crab tasted good but that is 5-6 years ago. This time we did not try the crab. I like the 2 ways of the cooking for the fish, it tasted really good. The roasted pork was crispy and nice too.

G7 Sinma Live Seafood
Address: 32 New Market Rd, Singapore 050032
Phone:6743 2201

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