Saturday, June 15, 2013

Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant

I had been to this korean restaurant once with my sister but I guess I forget to blog this. I cannot remember what I had. The only memory is the ginseng chicken soup.  Most of the time I will order that as it is light and great in taste.  The ginseng chicken soup here tasted quite good too.

This time round I came with 2 friends and as usual we ordered ala-carte and shared. We had kimchi soup, the seafood pancake and BBQ pork. We were lucky we were there at 6pm and no need queue, when it reached 6:30pm, we started to see the crowd. The food here consider quite expensive but still attracted so many people, so it should have something really good. oh ya..they served free tea. :)

Kimchi Chigea($14.50++) - Kimchi stew with taofu in clay. The portion is very small, it has to go with rice as it is quite salty. Tasted good but a bit too strong for me, hence I feel salty even I eat with rice.

The side dishes and you are only allow to refill for 3 times(We actually thought that) but when we wanna refill, we were told, is only refill for 3 items.

Doi Ji Mok-Sal($22++) - Pork shoulder meat marinated with special sauce. This is really good especially eat with the fresh vegetables. I always love this.

Hae Mool Jeon($16++) - Korean pancake with mixed vegetables and seafood. I dun really found the seafood inside, but notheless, it tasted good.

Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant
Address: 265 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574392
Tel: 6452 2112

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