Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Swensen (Nex)

We went for lunch to celebrate for a colleague who is going for her maternity leave. We have Malay and vegetarian in our team. If you dun know, Swensen is halal certified so this is the best place we can go.
There is lunch promotion where you ordered main course, there is complimentary side dish or drink or sundae on the choices.

I had the fried fish with apricot sauce. The portion consider big with lot of side dishes and 2 smaller slice of fishes. The apricot sauce doesn't taste any apricot, it was so slow.  I just tasted slightly sour than normal mayonnaise. The complimentary item, I chose the banana split and you can actually choose your flavour of ice cream. I was not aware of this.

I got chances to try the dishes from my colleague who sit nearby me.  The breaded prawn - not bad, it served right after it fried so still crispy  The teriyaki chicken - standard you can taste it everywhere with the same in Singapore. The meat ball - not nice as good meat mall I defined as minced meat with softer taste. It tasted harder than usual. I prefer Ikea version.

The serving is slow. one of my friend only order normal Aglio Olio and it took forever to come. I waited 20 mins and she waited at least 25-30mins just for a simple dish.

Laksa Aglio Olio King Prawns - My colleague said laksa taste not strong

Banana Split
Teriyaki Chicken Spaghetti
Fried Apricot Fish

Swensen's (Nex)
23 Serangoon Central
#02-07/08 Nex
Tel: 66344072

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