Friday, June 27, 2008

Coffee Cake

材料 Ingredients:
蛋 Eggs 10粒
牛油 Butter 400g
麵粉 Plain flour 170g - 可以用自发面粉(要过滤)you may use self raising flour
糖 sugar 170g (I cut this totally as I feel with Condensed Milk & Kaya, it is sweet enough for me)
Kaya I tin(300g)
Condensed milk 炼奶 I tin (中)
Milo 4 汤匙
咖啡粉 Coffee powder 4 汤匙

做法 Steps:
Beat the butter and sugar until mix well. Add egg one by one and mixwell.
Add in kaya, condensed milk, flour and mix well.
3. 分成两份。一份原味,一份加Milo,咖啡粉[一一加入]攪拌均勻, 成咖啡味.
Divided into 2 portion. One as original, one add milo & coffee powder and mix well to make it coffee taste.
4. 用八寸盘。先加入一层原味蒸五分钟,待表皮凝固,再加入一层咖啡味蒸五分钟,以顺序一层层加入,大约4-6层。
Use 8 inch' container, add 1 layer original, steam for 5 mins, make sure the surface layer is done, then add in coffee as 2nd layer, steam for 5 mins and
continue add in sequence until all done. It should have 4-6 layers.
5. 待完成,用中火蒸大约四十五分钟 - 1 小时。
Once done, use middle flame to steam for 45-1 hours until it is good to serve.

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